5 Things to Ponder Over Before Choosing a Career in Engineering Field

Engineering as a career option

Engineering is one of the most popular degrees among Indian as well as foreign students. Engineering jobs provide variety of career opportunities, offer opportunities to showcase your creativity and problem solving skills along with contributing to your intellectual development and high salaries.


However, Engineering jobs are challenging, competitive and demand a lot of time, effort and dedication. Therefore, if you want to choose a career in engineering field, you must consider the following factors:

  1. Your characteristics and traits

For making a career in engineering field, there are some basic qualities that one must have.

  • Analytical aptitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Effective communication skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Team player

Go ahead with a career in engineering field if you possess these qualities. If you like mathematics and science, enjoy solving puzzles, wonder how things work, suggest innovative ways of solving problems and improving things, you are apt for a career in engineering.

  1. Technical knowledge

Engineering is a dynamic discipline and requires people with diverse technical skills who are willing to adapt to new challenges. Engineers are required to use scientific rules and methods to solve problems and identify the technical indicators of system performance and the corrective actions to improve performance. Preparation for JEE Main 2016 and undergraduate courses will provide a foundation of technical knowledge and help students acquire the basic technical skills that they will need during their job as engineers.

  1. Mathematically inclined

Engineering is a mathematically intensive field. Engineering is an intricate science that involves complex calculations. For instance, Civil engineers require Basic arithmetic to calculate the water flow across an open basin. Naval engineers use Trigonometry for ship designing. Civil engineers use Statistics to measure rainfall and wind loads. Using Calculus, an engineer who designs packaging, can calculate the specifications of a box. During JEE Main and JEE Advanced, students can evaluate their mathematics skills based on the scores they achieve and decide whether to choose engineering as a career or not.

  1. Which specialization

Engineering is a field which provides options of endless specializations like Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, etc. However, many students fail to take advantage of this opportunity after clearing their JEE and taking admission in an engineering course. They end up choosing a specialization which is popular, irrespective of their interests and aptitude for it. Choose chemical engineering if you have an interest in figuring what caused some chemicals to react in a certain way when mixed together. If you have knowledge of electricity and mechanical structures, go for mechanical engineering. Software Engineering will be ideal for you if you like to design and develop software applications and computer systems. If you enjoy working with electronic devices consider electrical engineering.

  1. Pressure handling

The stress involved in an engineering job, gets on to many professionals. The job demands long work hours and working in shifts, where night shifts are a common feature. Working six days a week and if required, working from home on an off day is also common. Developments and changes in technology take place at a rapid speed; therefore engineering jobs demand engineers to constantly keep updating their knowledge about research, new ideas and innovative technologies and also, to keep learning new skills and devices. If you think you are capable of handling such pressures, are ready for extreme and persistent hard work and willing to put in efforts to regularly update your knowledge and skills, only then consider engineering as a career path.