Effects on weight loss by Forslean


The weight loss supplements are innumerable in the market today. Some of them are naturally derived from plant extract, some other are found prescribed by the health care physicians to assist the weight loss. They can be used in combination with a reduced-calorie diet and increased exercise. When used correctly with doctors advise on a regular diet it will be more effective.

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Forslean the supplement

TheĀ ForsLean from the Sabinsa Corporation actually it is a supplement from the plant named forskohlii a member of the mint family of plants. The technical name is Plectranthus barbatus and the root of it contains a compound called forskolin. It is used in Ayurveda to treat asthma and other ailments, since many years.

Coleus Forskohlii and Weight Loss

The coleus forskohlii which is the major reason for the stimulation of process of a molecule called cyclic AMP. This helps the cell to communicate with each other. Increase or decrease of cAMP will result in the signal that causes the body to do some activities. They also make the cells increase the enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase which is helpful in burning fat. In addition to it they also stimulate the thyroid hormone to be released. It also helps to burn fat and calories.

Benefits of ForsLean:

Weight loss is the primary benefit with Fors Lean

  • Weight managing
  • Fat loss
  • Lean body mass
  • Gives better circulation support
  • Athletic recovery
  • Higher testosterone level in men.

ForsLean VS Other Forskolin Supplements

The Forslean is a medicine from Sabinsa Corporation has the formula for promoting lean body mass and weight management. You can buy the product online; the formula contains four proven ingredients, with well-known weight loss properties while comparing with other Forskolin supplements.

Any concerns on side effects

The Forslean side effects were the first thing to consider and if there is a negative reaction the dieter should skip the supplement. Some of the reported side effects include the headache, irregular heartbeat, and low blood pressure.


It is better to avoid the supplement in case of ulcer or gastroesophageal reflux disease since it can also increase the stomach acid. It is prudent to avoid it during the pregnancy. The patients with the polycystic kidney disease will suffer from increased cyst growth while taking the supplement hence it is recommended to avoid the medicine.

How to take it

The Forslean is used to improve the testosterone in men. 250 mg dosage twice per day with 10% supplement is optimal dosage. It is also reflective on the other forskloin supplements on the market. It is advised to consume the supplement 15-20 minutes prior to the meals and it is the good time to consume it. And intake of supplement before the workout will be more helpful in reduction of weight.


The Forslean is found to be more affordable in pricing, but some of them are hesitant to give a thumb up for the product since they have side effects and not clinically proven to work in the human. It is better to go with the scientifically proven supplements with the ingredients.