How to Create the Best Collaborative Office Spaces

Business growth and improvement comes easier through the collaborative efforts of employees and management. Trying to hold group meetings and brain-storming sessions in areas that are dark and archaic in style can be a real downer. Below are a few ideas for creating some of the best office collaborative areas possible.

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Couches Over Chairs

Demonstrating a team work environment can be done in a unique way by placing well-cushioned and brightly colored couches up to a meeting table, rather than the traditional drab office chairs. You can mix and match colors and make it a fun place to have group events and meetings. It combines the best features of the feel of working from home and collaborative energy.

Breakaway Centers

You never know where the next best business idea will develop. Create small breakaway centers that include small tables and overstuffed, comfortable chairs. Small groups of employees can join forces in getting assignments done and problem solve. Include small power stations for plugging in laptops, making it an inviting area to move from individual work stations to group collaborative areas.

Communal Breaks and Think Tanks

Who says break time has to be boring? Make the environment one that seems festive and luxurious. Small round tables with brightly colored cushioned chairs and walls lined with pillow coated couches offer an unmatched spot to get together, unwind and check in.

Bright and White for Focus and Creativity

Color schemes can make a huge difference in the level of energy and focus a collaborative environment sets. Pass on the darker, more sedate colors. A vibrant color scheme, or white backdrop will make the room seem bigger, bolder and create true enthusiasm. Avoiding darker shades will help make the room seem well-lit and open.

Treadmill Desks

Sedentary desk jobs are a worry for anyone stuck in an office environment. Add a few treadmill desks to get employees up, moving and working at the same time. The only problem will be having enough of these around. Everyone will want a chance to give it a try.

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