Leasing the Equipment You Need to Set Up a Safe Work Zone

The city or state that hired your company for road construction projects expects you to carry out your work safely and efficiently.  You cannot put the public at risk of great inconvenience or harm.

If you do not have equipment on hand to set up a work zone that would appease government overseers and accommodate the public, you may not want to buy that gear out of pocket, however.  You can learn more about how to lease the equipment you need for the job by going online today.

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Signage and Lighting

A significant part of keeping the public safe in a construction zone centers on giving them enough warning before they actually begin driving through it.  They need to know several minutes beforehand that they are coming up on a zone in which they may have to slow down, merge, or watch for workers on the roadways.

Rather than have a crew member stand on the side of the road holding a Slow Down or Stop sign, you can rent signage and lighting that will alert drivers for you.  This gear comes with everything you need to connect and set it up so you can start using it right away.  It also has vibrant LED lights that people can see easily in both day and nighttime driving conditions.

Rumble Strips, Cones, and Radar Speed Trailers

People coming up on work zones also need to know to what speed they must decelerate.  Many states issue tickets to people who speed through construction areas.  Still, you need to alert them of the mandated speed so they can comply with traffic laws.

You can rent radar speed trailers to warn them of their speeds through the zones.  You can also help them decelerate by placing rumble strips and cones around the work area.  The strips and cones will compel them to slow down so that they navigate the zone safely and stay enough distance away from you and your fellow workers.

You can also find other equipment for lease on the website.  You can use the 24/7 support options to start your lease arrangement today.

You may not want to pay for work equipment that you might only use a few times throughout the year. You can save money and get the gear you need by renting it through the online company today.