British Council Invites Creative Ideas. Rs. 37 Lakh Funding Awaits You

British Council Invites Creative Ideas. Rs 37 Lakh Funding Awaits You

The Digital Open Call is open to anyone based in India or the UK

To mark the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web (www) in March 2019, the British Council in India has announced its ‘Digital Open Call’ for all creative professionals who have a powerful idea that has the ability to engage and unite millions of young people across India, the UK and the world. According a statement from the British Council, the winning ideas will get GBP 40,000 (Rs. 37 lakh) funding to launch it in 2019 itself.

The statement said the British Council would like to use the opportunity of this milestone to explore what artists and art of tomorrow look like through digital creativity and presents an opportunity to  individuals, creative artists, boutique creative firms, coders and gamers to showcase their work to Indian and global audiences, an official statement said.

“It is said the best way to predict the future is to create it. That happened 30 years ago when Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web. Today, through our Digital Call, we hope to use this milestone to explore how digital creativity may reshape our world again,” said Tom Birtwistle, Director North India, British Council. 

According to Mr Birtwistle, the British Council is looking to identify innovative and creative ideas and solutions that inspire and connect millions of young people in India, UK and around the world through art and culture. 

“We have run exciting projects before including Saptan Stories, a crowd sourced story telling project that ran for 7 weeks, in collaboration with Aardman Animations. As the web continues to evolve, we hope ideas from our digital call can show us how creativity, collaboration and culture may influence what the future of our connections with each other might look like,” he added.

The Digital Open Call is open to anyone based in India or the UK with a track record of developing new digital projects or experiences that have successfully reached new audiences, preferably a large and diverse group of young people. 

Project proposals that meet the criteria must be submitted by noon, UK time, on Thursday 31st January 2019.