Find an Open MRI for Your Next Test

Open MRIs are becoming the standard in the medical world. There are many benefits to using an open MRI. Here are some reasons open MRIs are gaining in popularity with medical professionals.

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Patients Prefer Open MRIs

Any type of medical testing can be stressful for the patient. Open MRIs are trying to eliminate some of the stress. Medical professionals are choosing this type of diagnostic testing. This machine can be helpful for those who experience claustrophobia. With an open machine, many patients are reducing their anxiety during the test. The open MRI is a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Open MRIs Accommodate All Patients

Closed MRIs are not able to accommodate every shape and body size. Patients with mobility issues find the tests to be very uncomfortable. An open MRI eliminates all these issues. All patients can easily access an open MRI. These machines can even perform tests on those patients in wheelchairs. Children can be put at ease with an open MRI too. Parents are allowed to stay in the room during the procedure. This helps to eliminate adding any stress to the child. An open MRI is not only more comfortable, but it can keep stress levels minimized as well.

Open MRIs Have Improved Technology

An open MRI has more advanced technology than a closed machine. For this reason, many medical professionals are choosing this machine over the closed model. An open MRI leaves the patient with fewer side effects as well. There is no need to medicate the patient before the MRI test with an open machine. These machines eliminate recovery times too.

Open MRIs are More Cost-Effective

Even with older technology, closed MRIs cost more than the open models. Many insurance companies prefer that their clients use an open MRI. These machines produce more accurate and faster results than a closed unit. This can help reduce the need for additional tests due to inconclusive results. An open MRI is preferred by doctors and patients. The machine produces accurate results for almost every test.

If you are looking for an open MRI scanner, you can find a machine in your area. There are many facilities that have these machines available for your next test.