Red Flags That Something is Not Right About Your Tax Accountant

When you select the appropriate and most experienced CPA to help meet all of your tax needs, there is no question that all is well with the world. They do their job efficiently and make sure you either get a refund or they help you avoid paying too much taxes if you have to pay out. However, if you have the misfortune of running into a dishonest CPA, you are going to be kept up nights simply because this individual could turn your whole world upside down. So, are you concerned that you might run into a poor CPA? Here are some red flags to help you avoid that:

ONe of the first red flags would be if your tax preparer neglects to ask you for a 1099, W2 or any other supporting documentation of your income or deductions. simply put, this could mean that they are simply going to fabricate information, and this is as illegal as the day is long.

Another red flag would be if the CPA does not sign your tax return as a paid preparer. This could also indicate they are including questionable items on your tax return and are trying to cover their tracks.

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You never actually speak with your tax accountant. You simply hire them and then they later call you in to sign the prepared return. Although this might make it seem like they are efficient, in reality this may not be a good thing. They might be missing some of your deductions simply by not talking to you

The tax preparer asks for a percentage of your refund for payment. This could be a red flag because it could mean that the tax accountant is going to grossly inflate some of your deductions so they can get more money.

Do you want to avoid having a bad tax accountant? When it comes to tax preparation long island ny residents deserve an accountant who has integrity. Thus, make sure you do your homework to ensure that you get an accountant that is known for being honest!