Strategies to Prevent Store Shrinkage

Managing a large retail location requires a high degree of vigilance to prevent loss. Here are some effective ways to combat shrinkage in your store.

Train Staff Thoroughly

Implement a comprehensive training program to instruct staff on how to recognize and address loss. Give staff the opportunity to ask questions about loss prevention policies to help ensure that they’ll be understood and put into practice.

Quick ways retail can reduce inventory shrinkage

Bring in Reinforcements

Your in-house staff may not be able to give their full attention to a large area. A professional security may be able to provide better surveillance and more effective surveillance. In addition, a trained eye can help you identify problem areas or vulnerabilities. If you need to hire a professional company for help with commercial security Columbia SC.

Install More Cameras

It’s important to position cameras in a way that eliminates dead spots. It’s easy to become fixated on areas with the most merchandise, but it’s possible that some people will move items before taking them.

Get Help With Inventory and Audits

Hiring a third-party company to review your inventory can give you a more thorough and accurate account of your existing inventory. Specialists can approach an inventory count more methodically than your regular staff, and it can help identify shrinkage that may be attributable to employee dishonesty.

Keep Valuables Locked and Leave Only One Item on Display

The way that you display merchandise can have a big impact on loss averages. If your most frequently lost and valuable items aren’t within arm’s reach, you can be better assured that they’ll stay in your inventory. Keep an item on display; if possible, keep it electronically tethered. Customers can call for staff assistance when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Strategic initiatives aimed at protecting your inventory can help you significantly reduce loss. Carefully planned policies, professional assistance, and technological tools will protect your inventory and make your store safer.